Consignment Service

Let us Sell your Boat!

The market value of your boat is determined by it's year, make, model, condition, engine hours, market conditions, and cosmetic appearance.

We will sell your boat on an agreed upon "net to you" amount to be paid to you. This means that you know what you will receive up front at the time of consignment instead of not knowing what you will get until it sells..........and, the buyer pays all the commission.

There are several additional advantages to using the net method.....................

  • It eliminates annoying phone calls when at work or at play with important and distracting decision making questions about taking a offer.
  • No annoying ridiculous "low ball" offers we are obligated to present to you.
  • No missed opportunities if we can't locate you on a time sensitive deal.
  • Gives us the ability to close that hot prospect immediately without having to track you down.
  • It eliminates the "funny business" that goes on regarding percentage agreements and what the actual sales price was, and, what you actually end up with when the boat sells.
  • It allows us to negotiate to take trade in's, a huge advantage over standard brokerage agreements where the broker wants you to take the trade.